Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Hawksbill Sea Turtle-What You Need To Know

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Characteristics

The hawksbill sea turtle which has been declared as critically endangered species by IUCN, is the only living species of its genus. It belongs to the family Cheloniidae and its binomial name is Eretmochelys imbricata.

Like other sea turtles the Hawksbill turtle has a flattened body and flipper like limbs which enables them to swim faster. It is one of the smallest sea turtles in the world. It has a narrow head with two pairs of scales in the prefrontal area. Its elliptical shaped carapace has a brownish background with irregular light colored patterns on it and molted brown shades on the sides. It can swim comparatively faster than other sea turtles. Its flippers which are like pedals has made it possible for them to swim faster than others.

The hawksbill turtle can weigh up to 60 to 90 kilograms (150-180 lbs.) and can be of 76 to 90 centimeters (2-3 feet) long in length. One of the unique characteristics of the hawksbill turtles which make it easy to distinguish is the thick scutes patterns which make up the carapace. This remarkable pattern has been seen by many biologist and researchers. It has made them easily differentiable from other sea turtles. Usually normal people can not always differentiate between sea turtles. But with this scutes patterns any people can recognize this turtle.

Among all other turtles, hawksbill is associated with tropical waters mostly. They can be found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean’s tropical reefs. It has been acknowledged by the biologist that two of their major sub population exists in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific. Actually they can be found in most of the swallow water areas.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Lifespan

The usual lifespan of the hawksbill turtles has been predicted as to be approximately 30 to 50 years but scientists are not sure about it. They need to do extensive research on it in order to know their exact lifespan. They hope that within very short time they would be able to know the lifespan of this turtle and they are working hard for this. But most of them get caught by fishers before that timespan. Some of the turtles are get caught by the predators too. Their predators hunt them crucially and eat them. Human fishing practice has pushed them towards this measurable condition which is not expected. So we should be aware of the fact that our greed should not make them extinct.


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